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January 21, 2018

Day 5
Start Weight:340.0lbs
Max Weight:340.0lbs
Max weight on 2018-01-17
Total Lost:0.6lbs
Daily Deficit:526kcal
Est. RMR:2968kcal

Four Week Average
Total Lost:0.3lbs
Daily Deficit:38kcal

One Week Average
Total Lost:0.3lbs
Daily Deficit:151kcal

Next Target (10%)
Mass Loss:0.2%
Next Target:315lbs
To Go:24.4lbs
Days To Go:188
Est. Date: 2018-07-29

Goal Weight
Overall Goal:200lbs
To Go:139.4lbs
Days To Go:NAN
Est. Date: 1970-01-01

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January 1st, 2015

Day 1

283.8lbs (0lbs)
Back to Zero

Happy New Year!

Well, as advertised, I've reset the weight counter. I'll admit, I let myself go a bit... I knew with the holidays there'd be people coming and going, good food being offered up, it would have been an exercise in self-recrimination if I'd denied myself its bounty (either that, or I'm just making excuses for being lazy.)

Either way, it's a new year, and as proof that the universe loves it some round numbers (including the number measuring how round I am), I weighed myself this morning and found myself at precisely 283.8lbs, exactly 50lbs less than when I started in January of 2014.

Seems like the perfect time to renew my pledge to getting to my target weight. Maybe at the end of this year I'll be 233.8lbs and essentially at my goal. I do worry a bit about that 270-275lbs range though... that one has been an issue for me to get below in the past. Hopefully, my extended period of time levelling out at around the 280lbs mark will have "reset" that point and I'll be able to drop freely again.

This time, without a gall bladder to freak out at me.

Happy 2015 everyone!

- Rick         

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November 12th, 2014

Day 316

279.6lbs (-54.2lbs)

It's Been a Long and Lonely Time

Welcome back, faithful reader! It's been nearly four months since I've written, it seems high time that I do so.

For the last few months I fell somewhat off the wagon, although it was with an eye to the recommendation by proponents of Set Point theory that figure it takes a few months of eating generously at a particular weight before your body gets used to being at that new weight before letting you continue on to more loss. I dropped around 55lbs in half a year, and hopefully this "pause" will let me continue on to drop another 20lbs or so before our trip to Cuba this winter.

Every Day I'm Shoveling

Part of the stagnation though is certainly due to the drama surrounding George. The troublesome little organ has been evicted and there's no more clutching-my-sternum-writhing-in-pain events, but for obvious reasons I was slowed down. I only just got the all-clear to pick up heavy things again... which is good, because Winter is Coming and with it, the need for shovel-weilding northmen to scoop and clear.

I've decided to reset the overall weight loss statistics from today. Hopefully this'll be the final push to get me to my target weight. I've still been taking images of my loss (not very reliably, but I'll get back into that as well) so I'll have that available for viewing at some point in the future. When I get hot enough to have a decent enough "after" pic to show, that is. ;)

TL/DR - Strange days stall my weight loss, but I'm back. Time to smite that last 60lbs.

- Rick         

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July 30th, 2014

Day 211

276.2lbs (-57.6lbs)
Stalled :(

Ugh... Another Plateau

Great. I was soooooo close to getting below 275, and now my weight has popped back up a pound and a half and has been stuck there for a week. Undecided

The scales are not my friends lately. Lysa tells me it's probably because I've started working out again. She's likely right; I do tend to retain when I start exercising in earnest, and between the bustling around the house with cleaning and hauling, the (almost!) daily dog walks and the lifting I suppose I should expect a bit of a scale stall.

Still, talk about a horrible design flaw. When you do good things you should see that good behaviour rewarded. Instead, I do good things and my gall bladder tries to murder me and the scales mock every effort. Bleh.

Oh yes. I saw the general surgeon a little while back. He's of the opinion that George will have to be removed, but because I've got "atypical presentation" (eg. pain without accompanying nausea or other gastrointestinal issues) he says he's mostly but not completely convinced my main issue is gall. He's recommended I get a CAT scan to see whether or not I managed to acquire a hiatal hernia in that crash from... uhhh... 15 years ago? Damn. I'm getting old.

In other news, a significant portion of my income vanished overnight when a long term contract I had with an organization in Europe came to an end. Kind of bleeding money to the tune of several thousand dollars a month now... we're scrambling to control costs, I'm looking for more work and even Lysa may up having to take a job here. Strange days indeed.

- Rick         

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July 15th, 2014

Day 196

278.2lbs (-55.6lbs)

Minor Wagon Fall-off

Well, it's been a while since I've posted, figured I should give the latest.

Kind of fell off the wagon for a little while. Nothing horrible, I didn't completely blow out and gain 10 pounds or anything, just sort of slacked off my counting, let myself go to starbucks a few times, things like that. Still lost weight, but it's been a pound a week slow-going semi-plateau as a result. Time to get back on track.

George is still annoying me from time to time but the drug I'm on to calm him down seems to be working pretty effectively. I could probably go indefinitely if this was the worst it got. Got an appointment with the surgeon in a week or so to go over things so I'll be asking him whether or not evicting George is even going to be necessary in the long run (although most people I talk to seem to concurr that eviction is the most likely result of the situation).

I'm officially halfway through my Math 12 precalc refresher, so progress is being made there. Step by step, inch by inch... maybe if I keep at it I can actually have a solid chance of getting my first undergrad courses going in the fall of 2015. Lysa still looks at me like I've grown a second head when I talk about it but, whatchagonnado... I've wanted to learn since I was a teenager. I literally have dreams about it. Forgetting about it is just not an option.

Anyways, that's what I've been up to. How have you been?

- Rick         

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June 13th, 2014

Day 164

282.2lbs (-51.6lbs)
Fuck yeah!

There's Some Good News, and Some Bad News

There's good news, and bad news. The good news: I've lost 50 pounds! Go me!

I Cri Evryteim

The bad news is that my weight loss journey has almost certainly been instrumental to feeling as though I have an alien digging its way out of my chest, due to my gall bladder. Apparently, I've accumulated a significant amount of "sludge", which is not uncommon when going from a diet that would require a lot of gall production to a diet that doesn't.  The sludge in turn gums up the works and causes immense, mind numbing amounts of pain... hence the feeling of an alien digging its way out. I've taken to calling my alien-esque gall bladder of doom "George".

According to my doctor, George is facing eviction, sooner rather than later.

They're going to trial me on a medication that might help make the bile sludge within George less viscous and sludge-y, and in turn, hopefully lead to less moments of excruciatingly painful OMGWTFFUCKFUCKOWFUCKOWFUCKITYFUCKOWWW, and thus hopefully prevent me from becoming a chronic opiate consumer.

(Fun fact - Fentanyl does nothing. I've literally had more pain relief from a couple T3s than IV Fentanyl. Dilaudid on the other hand, that stuff is da bomb.)

But yeah, no cancer, a little diffuse fatty liver deposit from the before-times of heavy sugar intake but overall nothing bad, pancreas, spleen, kidneys... everything else is good. The only problem neighbor in my abdominal cavity neighborhood is George. I'm sure with an MRI, we could see a rusted out 1930s era Ford truck up on blocks on George's front yard, and dozens of tiny Pabst Blue Ribbon cans strewn about.

- Rick         

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June 1st, 2014

Day 152

286.2lbs (-47.6lbs)

The Countdown is On

Tic Toc, Tic Toc

Went to get sushi with my Lysa today, had a yaki-soba and some miso. So delicious, but my sodium count hit the roof. Gonna have to down a pot of green tea to flush the excess. I bet my weight'll be up tomorrow, and it's already languishing on another step in the staircase... although in this instance it may be due to the new scales (just arrived!) weighing slightly heavier than the old ones.

Did water aerobics again and worked particularly hard today. I'm coming to realize that what you get out of these classes is pretty much what you put into them, and I want some results. Bro's "destination wedding" is going to happen in 6-8 months or so, and if I can't get to optimal condition, at least I want to be close.

The countdown to Cancun (or wherever, destination is still TBD) is on. Yeah, I've lost nearly 50lbs so far, but I have another 60lbs to go and the clock is ticking. Maybe time to kick it into high gear, get a personal torture assistant and really start pushing.

- Rick         

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May 23rd, 2014

Day 143

286.9lbs (-46.9lbs)
Getting close to down 50!

The Balance Of A Man's Life

A replacement is already en route

Over the last few weeks, both Lysa and I have had these horrible, dragged out, weeks-long weight plateaus. Neither of us could identify what we'd been doing that could possibly be wrong; we were eating right, controlling our portions, getting good nutrition, sleeping fine, exercising... everything exactly as we should be doing to get the scales moving. Yet, there we were, day after day, getting a weight that would go up and down within a 1-1.5lbs range, each of us.

I remembered something that seemed innocuous a while back. Lysa was puttering about doing laundry and accidentally gave the scales a swift boot. She was undergoing a bit of a plateau, and after booting it her plateau seemed to have "broken" and she was weighing about what she would have weighed if there were no plateau at all. Thinking that was somehow relevent, I went back to our scales, and gave 'em a good swift quick kick in the sensors.

Like magic, they were weighing us on par with what we'd expect based on our prior loss trajectories. We had not, in fact, been plateauing.

The scales were simply... unmotivated.

- Rick         

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May 7th, 2014

Day 127

293.8lbs (-40lbs)

Finally Hit 40 - Plateaus Suck

In my case, WD means "Weight Dropped".

Well, it was over a week of juuuuuuuuuust about at 40 before my weight finally sank to the line, and I'm not entirely sure it'll stay down there. I hate, hate plateaus. Lysa's been on a huge one herself that hopefully has also finally just broken. Just 10 more pounds 'til my next mini-goal of 50lbs down!

Tried a new workout at the pool yesterday, considerably more challenging than the deep-water ones I've been doing on Sunday. I'd like to make it a regular class but it's at 10am and that's really early for my general schedule. I guess we'll see how well I can attend. Tuesdays and Thursdays, what an odd schedule... and odder still that I'm the only guy in the pool, but screw it, I had fun. Cool

- Rick         

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April 27th, 2014

Day 117

295.4lbs (-38.4lbs)

Finally Worked Out Today, and A Pleasant Surprise

Well, it's been close to three weeks, finally got off my ass and hopped in a pool to splash around with Lysa for an hour doing some water aerobics. It felt good to get active again; I've spent too much time sucked up into my own brain. I've been considering taking up a physical hobby, like woodworking or something, just so I can get away from going monomaniacal over intellectual pursuits.

Anyways, we went, we splashed, we had some laughs and fun. Hot-tubbed a bit, then came home, ate and watched Game of Thrones. Life is good. Laughing

Oh, and when I was getting dressed to go to the pool, I was cinching up my belt and discovered that there was no hole to cinch to. I've lost so much weight, my belt (the one I bought just before Christmas because I needed something large enough to fit around my fat ass) can no longer do it's job. We're going to take a trip down to Big & Tall where I bought it and see if someone there has a leather punch so's we can add a hole or two. Or maybe I should take it back. Hm. Belt returns? Is that done?

Either way it feels good.

- Rick         

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